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Events in 2017

No upcoming events currently booked. I will be applying for a stall at:

Mill Road Winter Fair - Saturday 2nd December 2017

Please email your details to be added to the Newsletter for more information. (email to info@mpjartglass.co.uk)

Online sales now at my new Etsy Shop - etsy.com/shop/MPJArtGlass


Museum of Cambridge, 2/3 Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AQ. Jewellery, coasters, hairpins, and a range of decorative articles. New stock delivered every few weeks. Now in stock in the Museum shop - See on right bespoke "Museum of Cambridge" Coasters... each one handdrawn. See my course on glass painting if you would like to make your own design on a coaster.

Haddenham Gallery Nr Ely, 20 High Street, Haddenham, CB6 3XA Jewellery sets (Necklace, earrings & matching bracelet), glass wall hanging pictures. Decorative platters in the 2017 summer exhibition.


My glass making process is this.....

I use flat sheets of coloured glass, cut and shape it and join it to make panels and pictures. I fuse glass - heat to melt (fire) the assembled glass in a kiln (oven) to make a flat patterned "blank". Then I may slump these blanks (firing to drop the blanks into or over ceramic moulds) to shape the glass into bowls, plates, light shades or into my own unique designed moulds. I play and explore, stretch my exploration of glass.

I have been making more Jewellery combining fine silver with coloured glass and with Dichroic glass - glass which has a fine layer of metal applied to the surface which when fired changes colour.


I have been collaborating with Julie Shortland who makes "Forever Bouquets" wedding bouquets that last forever - I have made clear glass flowers to be incorporated in her "Enchanted Flowers" bouquets.

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Photo of glass flower bouquet